Local Pickup

Just a quick note if you want to buy or pickup in Halifax you can at 5525 Artillery Pl, Halifax. ( Project 9 Furniture just up from Pete's! ) Hope everyone enjoys the new products! Much more to come! If you wish to purchase online and then pickup locally use the promo code " PICK UP LOCAL " and that will give you no shipping cost online!


  • Bob

    First of all welcome back. You left your mark before and can do it again. Your web site leaves a lot to be desired ( I have nothing to do with web sites design just a user) Examples , no “contact us” , some comments or users don’t want everything on a blog. Next is the sizes , besides SML what does each size translate into , what is your return policy, and is you pick up spot /address a shop or a condo , are there hours of operation and is there a number to call.? Lastly if these functions are there , they are hard to find . Just some constructive observations as I think it’s great to have you back. Good luck

  • Tracy

    My original Smoothy shorts, circa 1986, tucked away in a drawer for safe keeping, conjure up fond memories of sun and sea-filled days at sailing school. It is time to bust them out! Congratulations Cousin Smoothy’s on what I know will be a great comeback!!

  • New Scotland Clothing Company

    Hey Guys! Just read your article in the chronicle herald. Congrats! Not sure if you have heard of our brand, New Scotland Clothing, but we are about to open a shop in Dartmouth and looking for some cool local stuff to put in it. If you are interested in teaming up on something let us know! Our web site is www.newscotlandclothing.ca cheers!

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