About the Smoothy Generation

Cousin Smoothy Shorts were created in 1985 by Geoff "Smoothy" Mclean, with the idea of bringing a new design to the fashion world. The "reversible short" was born with the ability to flip it inside out for double the fashion. Brilliant.

Thousands of shorts later and with Smoothy getting old, he decided to move on to new opportunities. 30 years goes by and Smoothy had raised three boys, Cole, Nash & Lyon. Two of the boys are skaters/skiers and the third is a brainiac.

Having grown up wearing their dad's old shorts they had the idea to bring the company back to life. Geoff "Smoothy" McLean, a dad with years of experience and a passion for windsurfing, combined with the creative and aspiring sons are working together to bring you new awesome products, all handmade in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It's a good story highlighted by great shorts. We are the Short Kings.